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Friday, 20 January 2006


YEAH!!! You are home. Please tell me you did not fly SA airlines. It is like greyhound. Horrible.

Fingers are crossed and I will be stalking your blog on Monday.

Damn I think I messed up my last comment. Oops. I shall try again. Verbatim.

Yeah! You are home! (notice the enthusiasm here....a little too many exclamations. I hope you did not fly SA Airlines because it is like a Greyhound bus (this was me trying to be funny in that post). Horrible! (for emphasis)

Fingers are crossed and I will be stalking your blog on Monday (translate to I Love Millie!! I adore her and cannot wait to read of a positive! And that I may be a bit of my rocker when I tell of my stalking habits. This is bad when I mess up the comment and it does not post because rather than write it again and be done I must sit here and analyze.....geez)

Oh my god.... I have hijacked your blog. My first comment did post. Ok this is my last I promise. I think I drank too much coffee.

Millie, in my mind you're the POAS guru, whatever you're doing is the right thing especially when all you do is wait some more anyhow. Best to you and so sorry to hear about the ongoing jet lag.

Ok, now that Alex has finished hogging the comments hahaha! I can finally get a word in.

Sweetie, I am almost hypoxic with holding my breath for you and Wessel. I so, so much want you both to have good + news.

That jetlag really sucks. I hate it even just coming back from the US. Smooches!!

I am very much hoping it's door number 1, but thinking it's maybe door 2. Either way hoping desparately for you.

I am glad y'all are back safe and sound.

I wish you had a number 3 there.

So many people are pulling for you sweetie.

I'm thinking you're a model of restraint and haven't gone near a pee stick.

Of course, I would have peed on about 100 or so by now.

Good luck.

Jetlag sucks, and it takes much longer than you think to get over.
I reckon if it's Door No. 2 - don't open it again, it's only going to lead to trouble! I'm not sure when too early is too early, but the beta is so close. Fingers crossed for you.

I'm glad you are home and I'm hoping it's door #1. I'm with Thalia in thinking that perhaps it is door #2.

Like Juliana, I wish there was a door #3;e.g. you poas,got a light line, and want to wait to confirm until the Beta.

I'm going for door #1.

Hey Lady, Welcome Home! Was reading through your blog and can't wait to hear more of your Cape Town Adventures... I for one am not going to speculate on "the Door," cause I'm still a bit too close to my own CLOSED DOOR.

I am however Praying hard that you brought home baby to Oakland. Looking forward to seeing you soon sweetie!


Gosh, Millie...I've got everything crossed for you! You have been such a great inspiration to me. I think it was probably door number 2, but HPT's suck for a reason! Good luck on Tuesday!!!!

Oh, so you used your butt for progesterone - I never got that far... 'scue my ignorance. LOL

I can't wait to see the pictures!

I hope you can keep your mind occupied on other things until Tuesday.

Do you peak at your Christmas presents? Don't peak at this one. Just be sure to post as soon as you know on Tuesday as we'll be checking constantly for the results.

so happy you guys are home safe and sound! i'm thinking it's door #1. you have WAY more willpower than me... this i know for sure.

can't wait to hear the news and see you guys!

Welcome back! Hoping for good news on Tuesday. Try to stick with option #1 in the meantime! It's early days still.

I don't know what to think! I know I won't believe anything until I hear the beta results!

Dude, what about going to a Planned Parenthood? Oh, duh. They probably just have POAS tests. Hmm.

Fuck. I really really hope it isn't number 2. Really.

It has to be door number 1, I've decided there is no alternative, ALL doors are marked with number 1.

So sorry the jetlag is kicking your arse, cattle class just sucks for those long flights. A nap will help ensure you don;t fall asleep at the table, and believe me, I've done it.

Hang in there, sending you love from the southern hemisphere.


Pee sticks are the devil, no matter what door. More food than anyone could be interested in? C'mon now, I know you know me!

I was going to say Door #1, but since Tertia commented, now I'm worried. Hoping if it is #2, it was a crappy, lying test.

I'm right behind you, Millie. In more ways than one. :-(

door #3 is me standing behind it ready to kill you for torturing us this way...

i've got a dozen in the fridge waiting for you, so #1 it is.

xx and +++

voting for door #1.

i think you are like me - and are destined to never get a postive when you pee on a stick. even when i was pregnant with the twins and my hcg was up over 18,000 - i still couldn't get that second pink line on a stick.

wecome back to the northern hemispere.

I hope it's #1. If it's not, step away from the pee sticks. They are manipulative little fuckers.

Glad you're back and hoping fervently that it's door #1.


I say door number 3...your dh is peeing on the sticks, thus the negatives. I am crossing fingers, toes, eyes, braiding my hair, waxing my lip and saying prayers in at least 14 different religions that you get a great beta!

Welcome home. Hope your sleep normalizes soon. Wasn't there 3 doors on Let's Make a Deal ?? I think there was always, always, another choice. Here's to the right door opening-


It's almost Tuesday. I'm not going to guess which one it was, I'm waiting for the beta news!

Welcome back! I really hope it isn't door #2. Dancing a jigcrossing my fingers and holding my breath for you til Tuesday

Still hanging on and waiting. Hope you are OK, sweetie.

Welcome back and it is almost Tuesday. Hope you are feeling okay about everything and looking forward to your news.

Thinking of you Millie...


You are so much on my mind. I am thinking of you and pulling for you.


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