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Sunday, 15 January 2006


LOL - nice to know that gossip knows no earthly boundaries!!

When you get back I hope you don't mind if I pick your brain for ideas for my visit!!

Rooting for that BFP!!! Sounds like you've had a very relaxing time - that's key!

Watch a ship go over the horizon? To see the curvature of the earth? I wonder if that would even work.

In ignoring the Angelina & Brad affair. Lalala, I don't want to know!

Okay, your husband wins the prize, terribly endearing.

*Rolling eyes* your hubby definitely sounds like mine. I can't wait for those two to meet someday.

When I heard that Angelina really was pregnant I thought to myself, 'So typical of hollywood, they have to recycle material and can't even new stuff. I have no interest in a remake of Rosemary's Baby' ;)

Am I a bad person because I love her and think she can do no wrong?

Yes, probably.

You gotta love those geeks.

I just hope that you can edit this entry to say "the best part of his entire trip was transfer day" because hopefully, with everything crossed, this will be the most important trip of your life.

I think it is fabulous that the two of you are able to enjoy your surroundings so much.

You amaze me Millie. Here you are going through this momenteous event and you're calm, enjoying yourself and being so giving with all of your comments. I love how you make the most of every moment.

You are going to be such an amazingly wonderful mother.

I can't hate Angelina, don't know why. (don't hate me). Hollywood don't live by the same rules as us 'ordinary' people and in this case, Brad was the married one - not her.
I'm just jealous that they now have everything. I can't imagine how devastated Jen would be - but then again, who knows?
Sounds like you're having the best time in Cape Town, it'll be an even better memory with a BFP!

I am really bothered by Angelina's pg, I am so bloody jealous. It just doesn't seem fair.

I dont care if that makes me sulky.


Can't believe you are leaving tomorrow!!! I'll be waiting to read about the hpt results. Starting Wed / Thurs right?

woo hoo



I don't like her either. But I get more worked up by all the fertile crack whores and addicts and general buffoons. Why them and not me? That is the question.

It's so unfair that some people get pg so easily. And yes, the news travel to this corner of the world, too.

I never thought of watching a ship disappear in the horizon! It might actually be fun, I have to do that one day.

Ships over the horizon, there's gotta be a fertility metaphor in there somewhere, I just can't grasp it today. I'm glad you are taking full advantage of your surroundings (and taking lots of pictures), this is partially a vacation, right?

P.S. On Angelina having Brad's baby...I actually like them both. They seem like nice people with a sincere bent to help people less fortunate than themselves. It was Jen who filed for divorce, life moves on.

Sorry, Millie, I am in the Angelina camp too. Jen Aniston cannot get off her arse for anything other than photo shoots. Boo-hoo, no wonder Brad left her for lipalicious "I do it for charidee and the children" Angelina!

So when are the HPTs starting? Any symptoms hmm? C'mon, dish!!!

seriously - the earth is round?????

from my time in rsa - i don't remember the newspapers plastered to the utility poles. but i do remember pick up trucks driving around with bikini laden girls holding up billboard size ads.

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