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Tuesday, 10 January 2006


So jealous about the massage. And lunch by the ocean.

Good luck tomorrow.

I'll be thinking of you, Millie.

Sending all love around the world to you...


It sounds so great! Good luck on transfer, I am thinking of you and the mister and all the little embryos!

Ok. I'm going to need an itenerary, when you get home...Hope transfer is great! Enjoy the bedrest!

thinking of you today - hope you are well and can't wait to see you. did you know jon stewart is hosting the academy awards this year?

Good luck tomorrow, will be out here rooting for you and the embies.

So excited for you, Millie! Hope the transfer goes smoothly and your two week wait is a piece o' cake.

Oh Millie, I have just been looking at all the beautiful donors on the Renew site and I am crying...crying at the potential gift they represent and crying with joy for you and the mister.

Good luck tomorrow!!!

Excellent news! Good luck tomorrow!

6 wellbehaved embryos? That's wonderfull!
I'd like to see them keep it up. Good luck.

Everything sounds great.I'll be keeping everything crossed and saying a couple of extra rosaries tomorrow!

Millie - this is wonderful!! I am rooting for those lovely embies!!

Can't wait to hear about transfer - and hopinig that you get pushed back to Fri because they're all doing SO well!!


Fantastic news. Happy to hear everything is going so well. Go the superstar!

Millie I'm so happy you're being pampered, that the embies are doing great, I'm so happy for you - I am pulling for you!!!

Good luck with the transfer.

Delurking to say best of luck with your upcoming transfer! I just recently found your blog and am already obsessively checking it for fresh updates. You sound like an amazing person and I'm hoping that you'll soon be pregnant.

Cat, you are totally right, she is amazing.

Go embies, go ! Good luck tomorrow (or Friday )...


Goooooo team! (I definitely think the massage appointment opening up is a sign).

Good luck tomorrow. (I figured you could use transfer luck a second time)

Good luck for today (it's Wed afternoon here). Hope it all goes beautifully.


Oh, good luck! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. :-)

Well I hope you've done the transfer by now and it went really well. Thinking of you, and the sun, and the sea.

Are you staying at Rutland Place? You never told me! Isn't it nice. I love the location in Camps Bay.

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