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Sunday, 08 January 2006


Great news, Millie! Seven is the number of completion, a very powerful number in kabbalah. I hope it will be the lucky number for you. :-)

i was just going to say what a lucky number 7 is. glad all went well!

Lucky, lucky number! Enjoy the fish and chips and more relaxation.

I have been thinking about you so much! I am so glad that you are able to update all of us so well.

There is a lot of good mojo coming to you from the States.

I have to say that I think it is WAY cool that you are managing to enjoy your trip while you are going through such a monumental task. Keep at it!

All my love,

Wonderful news! So glad the donor was touched by your card & gift-I'm tearing up thinking of you tearing up. Seven sounds lovely to me!

A brilliant seven. Lovely. Rooting for you stateside.

Great start, and wonderful news!

Whee! Seven is great! So glad things are going well. I am sending good vibes!

Congratualtions on your seven lovely juicy eggs.

Seven is a very lucky number. Your baby very well could be conceived today:)

Fish and chips (with vinegar) sounds really good.

I am all smiles at the thought of those seven. And also that the connection with the donor is so good -- this is all coming together beautifully.

Thinking of you guys.


What great news !!! Here's to a beautiful progression in the next few days -


Sounds great.

Fantastic news, glad it's all going so well.

Great news. Good luck with the transfer.

Lucky number 7! That's great news! My thoughts are with you and the mister.

Finally checking in on your progress, it sounds like everything is well under control in SA. Wonderful news all around! Can't wait for more.

Good news! And what a nice trip you are having. I hope you'll be able to say you 'just relaxed'.

Excellent start to the week!

So glad to hear it!

Great, great news!! Good luck with the transfer!!

Excellent! Thinking only good thoughts.

Great news. ALl the very best from a different part of the southern hemisphere ;)


Fantastic news, millie and I'm so glad you're having such a good time.

YAY!!! Seven is a great number!

That sounds great, Millie! Sending some good fertilization vibes down there!

Oh Millie, how exciting, I'll be thinking deep implantation thoughts for you!

Millie this is terrific!!! I haven't been following these last few days and just read up on your posts - how wonderful everything sounds, right up to your lunch and gift giving - I couldn't be happier for you - unless you get great embies/blasts and have a transfer with a BFP!!!!!!!
Thinking of you, and will be following along now that I'm not as braindead!

I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for you! I'm so excited!

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