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Thursday, 05 January 2006


You're hereby invited to become an honorary member of the Infertiles with Cankles club that I'm starting -- I will try to overlook the fact that yours will disappear when the swelling goes down... damn you, Millie!

Apart from feeling so sorry for myself re: the blasted Cankles, I am so thrilled for you that you're there and you're doing it. You're doing it!

We're all rooting for you, my friend and sending you much love.


Oh, WELL! Dr. L must have really hated me then, since I played the nurse card and sent him research articles all the time. LOL! (Liana, you traitor! Making me look bad.)

Glad to hear that you are having a good time and that all is going well. :-)

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. I'm so glad that y'all got there safely and are enjoying your time so far.

All the best,

Drink up today Millie because very soon that will be off limits. Glad to hear you are having a wonderful time and your donor is coming along nicely.

I bet you go to a day 5 transfer:)

Wow! Everything is going so well and so quickly! The retrieval and transfer news is great. About the cankles, you might want to see if the good doctor can hook you up with some support or Mediven hose. They cost about $30.00 here, by prescription, and are sooo not sexy, but really help the cankles and the swelling.

sunday! i'm so excited for you and the mister. and happy to hear about your lovely lining. but not your ankles...i think the flight request is perfectly reasonable!

me and my mister are thinking of you guys constantly!

Sunday looks like a good day to me!

I saw the weather forecast for Cape Town today and I thought "Nice". Much better than the 3 degrees here! Yep, us Brits - we work the weather in celsius!

I second the enjoy the drinking now cos there will be none for you for a good long while, sweetie. I am really enjoying the daily updates. Keep 'em coming and where are the pics??? Liana gave us pics!!!

It's very exciting to hear all about your journey, it sounds like it's going fantastically plus it sounds like Cape Town is a fun place. Can't wait to hear more.

Hey now! I can be a good patient when I want to. Besides if I disagree, I just do whatever I want in the long run!

He seems to have some amnesia about my wanting to transfer 3 blasts when he wanted to transfer 2. Yet good manipulator...I mean communicator that I am, I made a case for the transfer of 3 so good that he went along with it. :-) By now, he's convinced it was his idea!

Oh wow! Retrieval on Sunday! I am thrilled to bits that things are moving along for you guys. And may I just say that your well wishes at my place are so appreciated.

I've been thinking about you, hoping that everything is going well.

I have to say...I LOVED the evil millie dialogue... made me smile... and then I remembered some of the horrid things she has said to you....I hope you get the chance to put her in her place again.

Good luck to you and the mister.

Oh, about those ankles: this happens to me every time I fly, unless I wear support stockings. I am not aware of the connection to estrogen, unless it's simply a case of increased risk for water retention, which estrogen causes.

After a particularly canklous flight, I laid on my hotel bed and put my legs up on the wall for an hour at a time. That seemed to help me tremendously. It still took about 4 days for my legs to resume their normal shape, but putting them up on the wall helped them to feel better too. Just a thought.

Have a great weekend. I'm so glad everything is going well.


Millie I'm so glad that things are going well. And I am very jealous of the weather, it's brass monkeys here today!

Sorry about your ankles but everything else sounds like it's going well. Take care.

I'm sorry to disillusion you but it's still spelled "advice"...

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