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Tuesday, 17 January 2006


It's just me! So glad you had a wonderful time and hope you have safe travels home.

Sorry about the 31hr flight home, that's just awful but I can sympathise. Australia is also a long way from anywhere. Glad you enjoyed SA, it sounds beautiful.

Hope there is lots of burrowing and implanting happening as you make your way homeward. I'm sending you loads of good thoughts.

Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip home, and that your poor butt survives without too much trauma. Looking forward to hearing about that hotel.

Waiting for the BFP!!!!!

Millie, I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, I'm sorry the flight and the travel are so long and that you don't have all of the padding on your butt that I do - or you'd be very comfy on it...

I hope the 2ww goes by quickly and ends positively!

Have a safe trip home. My fingers are crossed for you!

Delurking from Texas to wish you a quick 2ww and wonderful news following. SA sounds like an amazing place and how awesome that you were able to meet Tertia. Pretty cool!

Wishing you all the best from your trip half way around the world.

Do you have a nice soft blanket for the plane? That's what I always bring. Have a relaxing flight and a speedy 2ww!

Hopefully that long journy wll make the 2ww seem shorter!!! Safe trip.

Wishing you an easy trip home and keeping fingers crossed for you through the 2ww.

Just me saying hi! and wishing you a safe flight home and a B-F-P soon.


We will miss you here in Sunny SA.


Safe travels, my friend. I always take my pashmina to snuggle and wrap up in on a long flight. It also smells good! I have no problems in the arse padding dept, though haha!

Have a safe trip home, my dear. We'll be here waiting for you when you get home.

Thinking of you...


Delurking to say Hello and I hope that you have a safe journey home.

have a safe trip home. thinking of you!!

The getaway is over so soon? Back home for the 2ww. Well, we're right here waiting with you.

I'm wishing and praying so hard that you get your BFP when you get home. SA sounded heavenly.

What's on the ipod for the return trip?

hey...that's 30 hours you can devote to gossip in trashy celebrity magazines (i'm addicted to the stuff too; pathetic i know).
i'm so glad you've had such a wonderful trip. here's a factoid about me you didn't need to know: i love airplane food. LOVE it. so i'm v. envious of the many meals you'll be enjoying over the next 30 hours.
here's a question for you: what did you bring back for yourself from SA (embryos, PIO and wine excluded!)?

Not a lurker, but I've only posted comments a couple of times.
Really excited for you, have been following your journey, and hoping that you get a positive very soon.

Have a safe journey home. Thanks for your updates and description of SA -- very interesting place.

Hope you are reading this having a nice rest back at home after an uneventful trip. Have loved following your trip to S.A. and hoping for best possible outcome. Welcome back.

Welcome home. Hope your trip was as good as can be for 31 hours ! I can't wait - so how are you standing the 2ww ?


Welcome home millie, I hope you can stand it after all that sunshine and good food and wine. I want to know a bit more about the lovely hotel. Name?

Have a nice trip back! Although I can not imagine how such a long flight could be nice... Good luck with the 2ww!

Have a safe trip home! Thirty one hours, huh? And I was complaining about 24. Oh my!

31?! Yi yi yi...hope you have a pleasant flight with lots of frozen Snickers bars (at least in your dreams;-)). Snuggle in little embryos. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. My donor said yes, so looks like I'll be following in your footsteps soon.

hey chica! i've been reading all along and can't wait to hear all the fun stories! call me when you get home and get over your jet lag!

Thinking of you SO much!

Just started reading your blog. Have it in my favorites!

Welcome home to not-so-sunny California. Any good airplane stories to tell us?

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Dang it, I lost the link to your journal but found it today, and I've had a wonderful time reading about your South African adventures.

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