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Friday, 13 January 2006


Tertia seems so genuine. I love reading her stuff.

Wow! Very cool. You are very much outpacing me as the international meeter-upper. Glad to hear things are going well with you.

Hey Millie - glad you had some extra time to chill out and do lunch!

I'm following your journey avidly to prepare for mine!


It was divine meeting you and your gorgeous husband. I still can't get over how young you look. Cow.

However, I will forgive you your young looks and the fact that you have such a winner husband due the lovely words above. Besides the asshole bit, but I assume you were talking about yourself.


Came over from Tertia's site to say hi. Good luck during the 2ww. I hope this is the cycle that works for you.

Wow! That's like meeting a movie star! Did you get her autograph for me?

And you do look very very young. :oP

How could you go to SA and not meet Tertia? Just one more wonderful story from this trip.

Coming via Tertia - sending you lots of positive vibes!!!

Dropping in via Tertia, good luck with everything and good to hear you are enjoying the sunny blue skies of South Africa.

What a great way to start the 2WW!
Good luck.

lovely embies, gorgeous weather, a relaxing holiday AND a visit with the fabulous tertia? sounds grand. enough to make we want a trip to SA myself.

Ok, and the fact that she says asshole with the way me and my friends say asshole. I'd probably dry hump her legs if I met her.

If you were using the English spelling though, it would be arsehole!! Come on, when in SA, etc....

Thinking of you, sweetie!

I'm so jealous.

Things sound just wonderful! You sound so happy and I'm so happy for you.


You got to meet Tertia? Oh wow. Did you ask her why she is such an asshole? I've always wondered that. :-O

Now, how come you were supposed to take a sample into the clinic? What kind of sample? Didn't you already have transfer? I'm confused, but that's nothing new.

I'm glad you are having such a wonderful time.


But that aside, wishing you the best of luck.

Hot damn! That sounds like a blast.

And, while I have commented on Tertia's impossibly nice legs before (the asshole), I must also say that she is absolutely right about you. You look about 28, tops. If you weren't so nice, my perfect skin envy would know no bounds and I would have to dislike you intensely.

Rooting hard for you and your two. Divide! Grow! Conquer!


I'm speechless! Sounds like an awesome time! Good luck with the next few weeks.

The goodness of this trip just keeps on going. I for one would not blame you for downing real coffee, by the way.

I like the REs in SA! I bet they're also allowed to have a glass of wine a day too. When you get back here, you'll probably be arrested for just looking at sushi.

I was also confused by the sample, but I'm guessing this is for backup and/or future embryos?

So are you in the 2ww now? When do you get to test? I seriously can't wait over here. I have toes crossed.

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