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Monday, 23 January 2006


unFUCKingbelievable. Can't you catch a break.


I am so incredibly heartsick for you, I have no words of comfort other than I am so incredibly sorry.

I'm sorry. I so hoped for number one has well.

Please take care of yourself.

Oh shit. I'm so sorry. So very, very sorry.



Tell yourself that you will make it work and we'll all be here to support you all along the way.

I'm still hoping for you for this cycle.
But I know in my heart it will happen for you at some point. Until that time, I'll curse the universe for making you have to work so hard to get there.

So you had the beta and they didn't call you back? I'll kick someone for ya if you just point them out. I am sorry things look dark but will cross my fingers just in case until you know for sure.


Heading to the Garden State next cycle ourselves.

Oh, Millie.

We're right here with you, my friend.


I hope you're wrong, but if you're right, I'm so sorry. Either way, what a terrible thing for them to put you through (not phoning with results)

I'm so sorry Millie. I'm hoping that there's a chance that it's good news.

It is JUST...NOT...FAIR.

Ok, you know me and my weird urge to make it all better (despite hating when others do that for me - you know just to keep life interesting). But I'm just going to shut up. What the fuck could I say?

I'm so pissed off at the world!

My heart just sunk.

Oh Millie honey, I hope you are wrong. WTF is up with the universe? I thought DE was supposed to be that panacea, isn't that what we're told? I understand everything you're saying. Every.word.

Thinkning of you. And will be refreshing obsessively.

Much Love,

I'm so sorry if this is the case. Your story deserved a happy ending first time.
What you tell yourself now is that you're planning your next trip. 70% should equal success within two goes.
Hoping you are wrong.

Oh Millie. I'm so sorry and I so hope you are wrong. You can tell yourself that you WILL find your way to your baby, sweetheart--because you will!

My first DE was negative, but the FET from that cycle was my first ever positive (and things are moving right along in that department). We did some more testing before that FET and turned out that although my lining was perfect I had an asymptomatic infection of my lining thought to be caused by "previous instrumentation"-so that means past ART procedures. I took antibiotics for ten days and had to wait a cycle after that before continuing on to the FET... Oh, anyway enough of that...I just so wish I could help in some way.

Those frozens are very important. I'm so glad you have them! We're all pulling for you Millie!

I know someone has to be in the 30%, but this is ridiculous. Just plain wrong. Sending you all the good wishes in the world, Millie, and hoping jetlag turns out to be masking some really good news.

I'm so sorry, Millie. I think you know how much.

And yeah, you nailed it head on: we secretly think DE will be our panacea because that is what the doctors kept telling us. There is no infertility treatment outcome more devastating than a DE failure. Being in the 30% really sucks more than I can say.

When will you be heading back to Cape Town?

Thinking of you.

I'm so, so sorry, Millie, even as I'm hoping desperately that you're wrong. I'm thinking of you.

I'm sorry Millie. I'll be thinking of you.

Oh crap.
I am so sorry and so pissed for you.

Shit. I'm so sorry...

Oh, Millie, it can't be. I'm going to keep hoping against hope. Fuck fuck fuck...

Oh Millie. I'm so sorry. I'm still going to hold out hope though. I have to believe that good things will come to those that deserve it. And you do.

Thinking of you.

Oh, Millie, I am heartbroken for you. Please please please please please let the beta results be positive. I'm sorry I didn't check in yesterday to see how things are, and hoping that you haven't posted because you are still waiting (which would suck but be better than the alternative).

I am praying for you.

Thinking of you. May there be a chance that the silence from the nurse is not bad news. Hoping for you.

I'm sorry but I hope you get a good phone call.

WTF on so many fronts. No call back? BFN? I don't know what to say Millie. I'm so sad for you and DH. I don't get it.

What I would do, and I know your not asking so tell me to FO if you feel like it. We left a frozen sample, and we have two frozen blast as well. I was going to go back solo if we got a BFN. I had the whole thing planned out. I was going to use the same donor and go back for another fresh. I think R gives you a break for the second time. It's such a long way to go, and the FET success rate is only 30% there. I think it's worth a thought. I'm sure right now you don't give a rat's ass what I think. I'm so sorry my friend.

I wanted to call, but don't know if you are up for it. Will you give me a call or drop me a line when you are? You are going to get your dozen. I'm sorry this wasn't it.


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