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Friday, 06 January 2006


Sounds absolutely divine...well except for the vampires, and amatuer vampires at that!

sounds like a cool day. sans the blood part. i think i spent almost every evening of my time there down on the waterfront. i would stand for hours and just watch those seals!

gosh - you are totally making me want another vacation in cape town. hmmmm. . .what will i have to do to convince the original daisy mae's papa that a trip is in order?

oh - and fyi - that cable car thing that takes you to the top of table mountain - it spins as it goes up. totally hurlaceous. if you tend to get the least bit quesy on things like this - might want to look at alternate means to get to teh top.

Thiking of you M, and hope all is going well and smooth. :)
Enjoy the wine tasting!

sounds heavenly...except for the butchered vein of course.
please continue with the regular updates. it's nice to hear that everything is going well. besides, we'd worry if you didn't.

I feel your pain. Lately they have a really hard time getting a vein and have been going in through the hand. I don't know if it's operator error or not, because some people seem to be able to get it just fine!

This sounds absolutely fantastic! This must be the most enjoyable way to get treatment ever.

Enjoy your semi-holiday and good luck.

Thinking of you and the mister as Sundays grows ever closer. You are an hour ahead of UK time at the minute so it is Sat afternoon now already!

Enjoy the relaxation!

It's great that you're having such a good holiday and cycling at the same time. Tertia was right, SA is the place to go.

Sounds lovely!

Thinking of you, Millie...


Sending you lots of good wishes for Sunday

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