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Wednesday, 04 January 2006


I completely understand, although I would have screamed at the evil SIL then slammed the phone down, but that's just me. Sweet, aren't I? Heehee...

I really think this is going to work for you, and you'll come home pg. Crossing all me parts for ya!


What is it with SILs? Glad you have a great relationship with your sister to balance it out.

Having gone through infertility herself just puts your SIL's insensitivity in a new category of evil. Super-evil. Super-intense-narcissistic evil. I can't spell, but I could go on...

Are you sure our inlaws aren't one in the same? I used to think my SIL was on my side. She even let me whine to her about her own brother, my BIL, and how insensitive HE had been. She seemed to get it, even though she had SIX living children of her own (a seventh died three days after birth, due to a heart defect). Also, she is a neo-natal nurse who does grief counseling, so you'd think...Anyway, last year at the MIL's B-day dinner, I casually mentioned how I just don't go to baby showers anymore, and she told me, "Well, you're just going to have to get over that!" Huh? Where the hell did that come from? I was just sitting there slurping on my cab. I told her that no expectant mother wants some old hag crying in a corner at her shower, and left it at that. The bond was gone in an instant. Consequently, I feel like I have nobody in my court on that side of the family. Sometimes I wonder where D came from...switched at birth or something? I'm already planning on telling everyone we're going to SA on vacation, and oops got pregnant, if it happens. I'm sure they wouldn't remember my fallopian tubes are gone and I can add to the vacation/pregnancy myth...hee hee...BTW, how is the cycle going? Have they given updates on your donor? Details, woman...we need details...

Wow your evil SIL really sucks. Could she be more of a clueless wench?! I know you said you're feeling better about the sitch with your sister but I think it is totally normal to feel a little weird about the whole thing. My sister is only 22 and completely single but I'm already dreading the day she starts trying. I'm worried that she'll have the same problems I do and I'm worried that she won't... if you know what I mean.

We do drawing names for the in-laws too. I'm still in the closet there, but seriously considering coming out now that babies are being born.

I briefly considered putting a book on IF on my wish-list, but didn't.

Stories like yours make me thing I should toughen up and keep quiet.

I think your SIL is an ass and your sister is so kind and thoughtful.

And you? You are really, really lovely. You say that you feel better about this now and that makes me even more grateful that you're sharing it with us. Thank you for your honesty.


It's extraordinary that your SIL can be so clueless given what she's been through. I don't get it. I'm glad your sister is being so lovely.

Jesus H Christ! She is such a bitch. Your SIL, obviously. A baby book? Is she for real? And what is up with thinking the Life of Pi is new?

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