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Thursday, 01 December 2005


Boo for the Devils! I'm glad that you're having a good trip.

When ya headed to the Great State? Chris, Suz and I would love to get together when you're here!


I loooove DC, esp the Smithsonian. Glad you got a bit of break from your evil MIL. I cannot believe she made sweet potatoes!!! Bitch.

Me too. Love DC. My husband lived there for years and I have such great memories of my visits. The museums, the monuments, the history, the restaurants. Love it all (well- with the minor exception of the big ass rats I saw in the streets at night..those I didn't love so much). I even saw Monica Lewinsky once, at an ice-cream shop of all places. She turned around and spoke to me. It was v. exciting for a bumpkin like me.

I'm so excited to have a secret name! The Mister was quite adorable with LRM. You two are going to make the best parents. I've always thought so.

Your trip sounds fab!

Next time you come East again, you simply must tell me in advance, I will blow off whatever I have to in order to meet you in person!

Love you!

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