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Sunday, 04 December 2005


THAT was a good game!

Too funny. D and I went to a B-ball game Friday night. His alma mater vs. mine. Apparently, because of my "scholarship program," aka: D's wallet, I wasn't supposed to cheer for MY team. We spanked 'em.

Oh and just to scare you a little, check out the bottom picture on this link:


Luckily, for you, she went to NC state...don't know why I remembered that...she frightened me.

Her site is as screwed up as she is, try refreshing a few times if all the pics don't come up.

ah, i was waiting for this post! VERY happy with the game. and the loss to illinois was damn close. i was wondering whether you got to watch it at 9am!

Basketball? What is this thing called basketball?

OK, I know your team is the tarheels, I know we are one of your rivals (who you just beat), but I don't think you are talking about the huskies.

So who did you beat?

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