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Sunday, 18 December 2005


Millie......I hesitate to say this because every protocol can be different, but I have NEVER given Lupron IM....it was with the smaller "insulin syringe".....

My last two IVF's were chock full of lupron (4+ weeks/ 2 X day) - never, ever, ever IM - ever. PLEASE CHECK.

IM hurts like a bitch. IM = Pain In The Ass.

Good luck with everything and best wishes to your friend!

You've got to post pictures of the kitchen. I need some thrills in my life.

Good luck Bonnie. We're all pulling for you.

Glad to hear you got the package, always nice to have something to stick yourself with over Xmas!

Ooooh, kitchen pics??? How exciting.

Good luck to Bonnie.

May 2006 be a fantastic one for you and your Bosslady

I'm so sorry about your boss. How awful. I hope she has a better 06 as well.

And yes, it's cold as hell here. Gah. What's worse is little dog, she won't go outside in the rain. We actually bought her shoes today. Tell me when I go over the obsessed dog line.

David Cassidy? Ah, man! Wish I could be there with you. :-)

Good luck to Bonnie! And tell her to start that blog. There is always room for one more. :-)

Thank you everyone. Your good wishes mean a lot to me. Melissa, I am truly embarressed! I think my face just turned five shades of red.

Cold and Harry Connick Jr. was also had at my place this weekend.

Glad to see that you have your package - but sorry that it's not more clear what to do with it. Hope you get all the answers you're looking for.

Okay, cold in NoCal. Umm... you were right about the lack of empathy, at least from this New Englander. But I'm all for you on "The Last Infertile Standing," which sounds like an excellent reality/game show, if you ask me. Shall we pitch it to ABC?

p.s. I like Williams-Sonoma's outrageously expensive hot chocolate (not cocoa, CHOCOLATE!) to ease the rainy chills...

Yep, no sympathy from me in the land where it is never daylight!!!

I second and third the request for kitchen pics.

Good luck with the shot, wherever it goes. This is it now!!! Keep us posted about Bonnie. Good news is always welcome.

How big is a "really big Lupron shot" ? We just did injection training today... so that kind of info feels incredibly important right now. What I have to do for Lupron seems easy compared to your protocol - how big is "THE HAMMER" (spoken in a thundering bass tone)?

We start injections next Tuesday. I'll be thinking of you as I follow in your footsteps. It was so great to meet you last week... thanks for all the encouragement. So glad to hear your meds came through.


You forgot to mention you're eating cookies ;) if there are any left.

I'm sorry about the boss lady, may 2006 be a better year.

Good thoughts for Bonnie.

And love, that tiara is mine.

Millie, I responded in my comment section, but I probably should have responded over here. I'm 99.9% sure that ALL Depot Lupron shots (different than 14 day Lupron SQ shots) ARE IM shots. But you probably already found that out. GL! And I would love to see some kitchen pics, too!

Please post pics of the kitchen! I need inspiration. Good luck with the lupron shot.

Hope you figured out those shots. And best of luck to Bonnie.

PS Have you cooked anything from the Alice Medrich book yet? I made two different kinds of cookies from there this weekend and they were superb.

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