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Thursday, 22 December 2005


Sounds like you found the perfect balance in the gift you have chosen.

I would have probably gone the same route... find out her hobbies, likes etc. and focus on that.

I've got to know. Maybe you can tell me when you're in town. Some of us are getting together for lunch, etc., on the 27th. You probably know that already, right? If not, email me for the details.

Maybe I should just send an email? SOrry, I'm running around like a crazy woman.

Anyway, I'm sure it's the perfect gift.

Take care. Hope to see you.

I love that I know someone who knows EVERYTHING about infertility. I had NO idea that you had to get a gift for your donor.

I mean, not that you ever wanted to have the title of "knows everything about infertility" bestowed upon you.

It's good to know if in the future we decide to go that route.

Argh! I didn't know I was supposed to do that! Thanks for letting me know.

I absolutely need to know!

(and Merry Christmas)

This was a hard one for me too. I knew that my donor loved books, as I do, so I bought her a couple that I had really enjoyed, and put them together with some gourmet chocolates into a gift bag. I found this amazing, amazing gift bag that had a picture of two little girls squatting over a little mound of dirt and one of them was pouring water onto it with a watering can. Now I ask you, could I have designed a more appropriate picture myself?? I only wonder if she noticed it herself.

Eeks ! Even more pressure ! I did know I needed to buy a gift, but have conveniently placed that information very far back in my brain. I compartmentalize things very nicely these days - as to keep from getting overwhelmed. I would really love to know what you chose for your donor... I know its perfect.

Merry Christmas, Millie-


I thought you would have knit her something, since you are now my knitting protege! :-)

I really want to know what you will give her but I am sure it will be absolutely perfect. Merry Xmas to you and the mister!

Wow, talk about pressure. I find it odd that your agency would encourage or discourage something so personal. I'm sure you picked the perfect thing, because that's just like you.

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