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Thursday, 15 December 2005


Oh my gosh, I'd have been SCREAMING at some damned postal workers! Its not like you ordered a bunch of tic-tacs, for crying out loud! Who can I kick????


Ugh, I had an issue with a gonal delivery once. They insisted that it was delivered and signed for, only no one in my house had signed for it, and I think an untruthful neighbor sold it on the black market, but I digress. I made them send out another shipment and I never ended up paying for the first one, even though they insisted I had to.

Howie really does sound like a dreamboat. And hooray for our other heroine too! Ooh, we are getting closer!!!

I would have lost my mind. Oh wait, it's too late for that.

Hope you get your package today.

IDIOTS! Why is it that we pay more for postage, but get less service? I don't get it.

Well, glad to hear that the drugs are within your realm now, sort of.


Oh what a nightmare. I've had a similar problem with a fedex package, so it's not just the USPS. There must just be something about postal worker training that involves disconnecting the common sense pathways in the brain.

Damn. And I just posted about how great my P.O. was! Sorry for that bit of suckiness!

I had a screw up like that once. Very frustrating.

That kind of stuff makes me bat shit insane. I'm glad the drugs are in your neighborhood at leat. Ms LS rocks. Leave it to the Friends of Howie to save the day.

What a fucking nightmare. I hope you get everything soon.

It was so nice meeting you last weekend.

I hope the drugs turned up for you by CD1. Friends of Howie and especially Ms LS are good people.

What spectacular displays of idiocy! Those fucktards at UPS... argh. Glad this ridiculous sitch is on it's way towards being resolved. Knock wood.

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