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Wednesday, 07 December 2005


Me, I love Howie too. We got our meds for our last IVF from him and I was so touched by his kindness.

He rocks...

I'm so excited that you're getting all of this done -- every day you're one step closer.


Wow fantastic, I had no idea you had to take that many drugs for DE, or are most of these for post-transfer?
Can't wait to read about your adventure.

Must not keep Howie to yourself...he seems as popular as a good hairdresser ;)

Thinking of you.

Aha, don't you just love a British man?? Now get that hotel or whatever booked. Come on lady, times a moving on!

I have a DIY face-waxing appt today with myself hahaha!

Lifting my glass of lemon water to Howie -- yeah, Howie!

The time is closing in . . . I can't wait!

How wonderful to have a Howie in one's life. I am so excited for you that the pills have started. Just means you are closer to Capetown.

I love that you are taking such good care of yourself and are getting such good care.

You're in my thoughts and I'm so excited for you!

Man, I'm getting so excited for you guys! I kept thinking January was far away, but it's not, it's not!!

It's going to be hard for me to contain my excitement when you guys get pregnant. I've been making a shopping list in my head for you two since forever! I have Mister's diaper bag picked out. Forget that my hubbie doesn't have a diaper bag. I have one in mind for the Mister.

Howie sounds lovely - I must get his number! So glad you're having such productive prep time.

Hey Lady, I have been thinking of you and I'm glad you got the medication dilemma figured out. BCPs yikes!

Also glad that you're seeing our mutual friend - Ms. Needles. I'll call you later.

xo, Fran

You'd better call Elize about that great place on Camps Bay (says the Camps Bay fiend, Liana).

Maybe I'll go back with you. I hear there is indeed a Merck office in SA! :-)

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