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Wednesday, 28 December 2005


Liana's non-live journal site is easier to post to I think: http://www.lianaandmason.com/dollhouse/

In an addendum she wrote that her hcg is 21,647 so hopefully this is temporary but bed rest will not be fun, I'm sure.

Millie, I have such a bad head for other people's schedules (let alone my own), can you email me your schedule or post it, I want to be imagining you where you are so I can pull for you with all of my might.

Oy, evil SIL strikes again? When will that bitch learn?

When do you guys take off? We'll be thinking of you!

Did I mention how much I adore you, my friend? I'm feeling calmer (and more nauseated as my evening sickness sets in) and am trying to visualize only positives for my Zappy.

Thanks to you and my other buddies in blogland for your support through my drama.

Thinking of all of you.

And when is Bonnie going to get a blog?

hey chica... we just left you guys a voicemail... aren't you leaving for your safari today or tomorrow? anyway, we are SO thinking about you guys and praying, wishing, hoping, jumping up and down, crossing everything we can, and anything else we can think of to send good thoughts your way for a most excellent trip!

i know you leave very soon so i wanted to stop in with some love and good thoughts! will be constantly thinking of you guys.

Wishing you the best of luck in the land far, far away. I will be picturing you in a lovely place with lots of relaxation, good food and perfect embryos.

Just read a travel book that included a chapter on the unrivaled natural beauty of SA and am wishing I could fold myself up in your suitcase like a tee shirt and come along for the ride.


Congrats to Bonnie for the recent BFP! Liana, you already know I'm in your corner. And Millie, truly, from your lips to G-d's ears -- let's be the winning team!

I'm with Avonlea. Please post or email me your schedule so I can visualize where you are and pull for you extra hard. I know you and Wessel are next. Go Team Donor! I'm so excited for you both!

I may start a blog if I hear a heartbeat. I've been here before (being pregnant). I've never heard a heartbeat. Hopefully correcting the faulty variable (my eggs) will change that.

Here's fingers crossed for everyone..X.

Hey M, thank you so much for letting me a witness to your journey- I am SO excited for you! Wow, so far in a year, eh?

I'll be quietly cheering for you from down south here. Hopefully you can post pix like Liana did. I am learning a great deal vicariously, and I am mucho appreciative.

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