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Tuesday, 27 December 2005


Your side effects sound totally normal. You must be so excited to be almost on your way!

It's funny the pictures we have in our head. I was sure you were blonde as well.

I never thought you were a blond, I assumed that you were a brunette and pretty because pretty is as pretty does - which actually makes you a beauty dear Millie.

You got to meet even more bloggers? Wow, guess us CA girls just weren't enough for you. Can't wait for more updates.

Funny, I've always thought of you as being blonde, too...

I knew you were too intelligent and witty to be a blonde hahahaha! I cannot wait for the SA updates and all the rest. Safe travels, sweetheart.

I always pictured you with brown-auburn hair -- am I right?

I'm so glad (if jealous) that you got together with such lovely women... I hope the headaches recede soon.


It was great meeting you. And you're fabulous. And don't we equate blonde with being fabulous? That's why. You are certainly not a ditz.

Good luck and take care.

If you need any help in Cape Town, pls just shout! I live in Cape Town and am an ex CFC patient.

Wishing you lots of luck


Hey, Millie! Good luck in SA! I can't wait to hear all of your news.

As for the side effects...I did lupron last cycle, but it didn't dawn on me until several days into it that my waves of being overly warm were actually hot flashes! Duh! I thought I was getting sick.

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