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Saturday, 19 November 2005


That is so cool that you have such great support, close by. I'm jealous. I have some friends who get it, but they are phone friends. My IRL friends treat me like some kind of freak show with all of their repetitive questions. I'm kind of anxious to move away, and start over with a new bunch of friends. Can you tell I had monthly Poker again, Thursday? Sigh. very excited about you and Liana. Can't wait.

You are one of the sweetest people I know. Seriously. I wish you only good things.

Funny about the couples outing. I keep trying to convince my mister that we could use some couple friends. He doesn't really want any though. He's pretty introverted (which I guess so am I).

It's so nice to have real life support. I'm happy for you that you have it!

I don't know what I would have done without all my friends (like you, my dear) that I have met online. I still don't feel entirely comfortable going public with our decision to people in real life (mostly my DH's discomfort rather than mine). But how wonderful that you are running into people right and left!

Millie it sounds like a great community of women you've got there, in real life and virtually. It must really help to have someone to tread that path with you a few weeks early, or a year earlier. Hoping that you and Liana and your other friends all get what you deserve from this winter (or summer in SA!)

There is nothing like real life virtual friends - they're really the best.

Yes, you've got a friend :)

Know that we're thankful for you too - without your support this would be so much more devastating.

I'm still trembling with excitement for your S.A. adventures.

Hey Sweetie! I'm the neighbour down the street! I left you an email earlier today. It is cosmic how connections are made. After Thanksgiving bodes well for our couples gathering.

Just cked out your brown skinned sister today. She had an appt. I wonder how it went...

I have another neighbour hood Bud that you must meet too.

I hope to talk with you soon my friend.

xox, Fran

My friends that I have in my life because of this blog have been the saving grace through all of this. And I thank you for being a friend as well.


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