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Thursday, 03 November 2005


Good for you!! I've been eating like a pig lately but have managed to go to the gym twice this week. Both sessions were torture.... I could feel my butt jiggling with every step I took on the treadmill and could barely walk after I left the weight room. I feel a little more sane now that I've started exercising again, but I know my body won't change until I get back on healthy eating wagon. But you've inspired me. 10-12 pounds!? That's incredible!!

Hey, good for you. That's the kind of diet that works for me as well, that high-protein, no sugar, good carb diet. Great job so far, 10-12 pounds is nothing to sneeze at!

Good job - good luck! 12 pounds is excellent!

No sugar is the only thing that worked for me too.

Woohoo Millie that's great! 10-12 pounds....excellent.

I've started South Beach and so far so good. As much as me loves my sugar, I do feel better when I'm not eating any.

Sensational effort. 10-12 pounds is brilliant.

Yup...depression and lazy ass on the couch and in front of the computer accounts for my weight gain. I've lost about 7, but can't seem to lose the next 7. I always have good intentions, but at the end of the day, I'm just done. Holding myself together all day takes up a lot energy.

Congrats on the motivation and weight loss. You're doing great!

Wow, you have lost 10 lbs?? That's wonderful! (I'm jealous.) I think maybe I lost 2 since last week, which cancels out the one I gained over the holiday, plus one extra pound. Well, upward and onward. It's hard to give up bread and sugar, and I'm finding it requires lots of advance planning.

Can you say more about the one-on-one plan you are doing? Do you meet with a counselor each week? Please say more. I was thinking about going to a hypnotist, believe it or not! I just have so little discipline. I'd be interested in your view of losing weight with the help of others.

Hey, congrats. Love the basketball team, by the way. It's so true. So, are you ever going to tell us about your pastry school adventures? You know we're all obsessed with food.

mmmm...pastry! I have been hitting the sugar like a demon and it is really, really bad for me as a diabetic. 12 lbs is fab!!

hey millie. good job on the weight loss. better to loose the ttc weight before you actually become preggo. since after baby, you will only have to loose the preggo weight. unlike i, who had to loose the preggo weight (done) ttc weight(2 lbs to go), and the wedded bliss weight (6 lbs to go). i keep telling myself that if i had lost the ttc and wb weight before baby, then i'd be a size 8 now.

i'm trying to read backwards to catch up with you over the past couple months. nap times just do not last long enough in this house.

sending hugs and kisses your way!

(oh - and i can relate to pastry school. when i took cake decorating last february - well, i just lumped that weight into the preggo weight category!)

millie you rock for that weight loss already. Imagine how much more you'll be able to knock off if you can make it to the gym. For me when I lost all the weight last year it was adding more exercise sessions a week that made the difference. Well done so far and good luck with the rest.

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