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Tuesday, 08 November 2005


Yay, we are on the yellow brick road! I was reading a magazine article about Cape Town last night and thinking of your upcoming trip. I cannot wait to go on this virtual journey with you, M.

It's so nice to see a fellow blogger in such a happy place!! Here's to moving onward and upward. Cheers!

I know how you feel. I was the slightest bit late last month and just filled with dread that I had messed up my plan to do DE this month.

It was a huge relief to see CD1!

Good for you. I'm soooo hoping you can blog from SA. I will simply die without updates.

I know just what you mean - when I reached a point last summer when I was absolutely horrified at the idea of a positive, I knew DE was finally my first choice. Hope it's nothing but blue skies from now on for you!

Wow. What a wonderful place to be. I am so glad that you are finding peace.

So happy you're moving forward. Very, very happy for you.

Boy, do I know that feeling of hoping my period will come instead of hoping for that extra line on the HPT! That was a real turning point for me too, and was what inspired my entry Top 10 Signs You Might Be Ready For Donor Egg--the first of which goes like this: the HPT is negative and you're HAPPY!

So glad for you that you are on track. Wow, countdown!

Millie, I'm very proud of you and very pleased for you. You really have moved on!

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