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Friday, 04 November 2005


Ugggh, he just gives me the dry heaves. I do not believe that he is disease free! Fuckwit.

Who the hell is Vincent Gallo?

Other than an anti-semite I mean. And um, isn't fertilization the old fashioned way for money called something else? What is that word? Yes, prostatution, that's it!

Holy crap. What a scummy, creepy thing.

I refuse to be impressed by a mere 8 inches. I do however, see a growth opportunity for Paris Hilton. Sounds like the perfect match.

OMG! Do you have a picture of this Vincent Gallo? Cause I went to highschool with a Vincent Gallo and his whole family was known for their incredibly thick lustrous hair (mentioned in the article), and he was athletic, and he is my age! Could it be the same guy? Do you have a picture?

Em I don't think he's an anti-semite--it sounds like he likes us!



Actually, the last I heard of Vincent Gallo, other than his films, was that he was dating one of my all-time heroines PJ Harvey. I was like "Eeew, what is she doing???"

What an extraordinary well-written article. Just when you thought you'd had the full horror, along came another one. Surely no one is that egotistical, stupid and prejudiced? And surely no one will take him up on this?

Like we need more antisemites in the world. Oh for the love of God let this man be struck with impotence...

uh, no thanks.

Words fail me

Speechless...just speechless...


all I can say is....wow!

if gallo supplies the financing, medical care to birth and assures a healthy newborn result, i will do it!

well appparently it is a joke, because no one contacted me! ( next day)

for the record, vincent, how's your bedside manner? ....lmao

... an anti-semite, he is. But he's certainly no anti-semenite!

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