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Wednesday, 30 November 2005


Sounds dire. I hope that the alcohol got you through and am looking forward to hearing about revenge!

Ugh! It's bad enough to have to be in their company at all -- but bad food on top of it? No, that's just asking too much!

I'm much too much of a food snob to tolerate that. I'd have brought my own little snack pack.

What's with all the splenda?

Hahaha! Splenda!? How awful.

I'm from Polish-German descent: Do not, I repeat, do not mess with our dairy. We can handle hords of Russians and French soldiers stealing our food, farms and women, but leave the cow out of this.

Fake sour cream and cool whip? A travesty.

Hope you get some rest today.

Splenda? Ew.

Glad you survived and hopefully triumphant?

Oh dear, I served stuffing from a mix. Does that make me a bad person?

Was the evil MIL trying to impress you, what with triple cream brie and a bisque? Why can't she just do the gracious thing and acknowledge the better cook, even if it's only to let you make the sweet potatoes? She's missing a good bonding opportunity in my opinion. But of course that isn't what she's going for.

I've always thought that a person's character is evident in how they run their kitchen. She sounds territorial at best. My MIL fell asleep sometime in 1963 and never woke up. I first knew this when she cooked for me. Her contribution to Thanksgiving this year (EVERY YEAR) was GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE. I kid you not. Complete with MSG, mushroom soup, and those strange fried crunchy things on top. Shiver.

Don't call yourself stupid cow from the south! Even if you're pretending to be evil MIL. It still made me sad!

I'm disturbingly intrigued by your descriptions of the food. I want to taste it all, to see how bad it really was.

And damn, I will never complain about my mil's cooking again. We had turkey (not brined, but it was fairly tasty), mashed sweet potatoes with real butter and some sort of spice, I'm sure(!), oatmeal bread, broccoli, and pumpkin soup. The only thing that was weird was the pumpkin soup. It was made with lactaid! Ewww.

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