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Thursday, 13 October 2005


I hear ya! I'm so very, very done too. I'm so happy you have a plan and will be off this horrible roller coaster soon! Crossing everything for you.


I spoke with the dear dr in charge of the theoretical embryo donation program the other day. He said they would be mailing out forms in "a few days." Did you get any? Because I sure didn't and I'm just down the road.

Plans are so good. It feels great to be doing something. I wish you the best, and definitely swin by at Christmas if you're around!

I know just how you feel, wanting those higher success rates. And the 12K total price package deal at CT just can't be beat. I mean, come on, that includes airfare for two!! We almost went there but you know that story--her donor supply was really low at the time. I hear she has 30 new donors now.

Wishing you so much luck, Millie. And if I get to do my FET in January as planned, MAYBE we will be pregnant at the same time! That would be so swell. I'm ready. Over ready.

Millie I'm delighted by your plan and still v impressed by your husband. What a lovely
man to fight for that coverage.

We did a SA safari on honeymoon - let me know if you want to chat about where we went. It was wonderful!

Hey lady!

Wow, am I wise? :-) Nah, just done with the wishing, hoping, and praying for my own overcooked eggs and ready to move to hopefully be able to focus on the baby and not more shots and 2WWs. I sensed similar vibes from you, my dear, even with 3000 miles between us.

Hey hey, I got my tickets today!

I could sense you were getting really close to wanting to get on with it and step off the rollercoaster a couple of months ago.

I'm really happy for you.

Do you have any details about your donor?

Wouldn't that be awesome if all these DE babies were really cooking by Valentine's Day?

Ooh, I love a plan, especially if it includes DE. I am glad that you are sounding much more positive and filled with optimism.

Yes, success rate is so big at this point. As I peruse the catalogues these days, I skip right over all the cuteness and talent and go right for number of eggs and number of successful transfers...

Bon Voyage! Bon Chance! (or however they'd say that in Cape Town...)

Your plan sounds great. So happy for you!!

I'm so happy for you, Millie! A plan is a wonderful thing...


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