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Thursday, 27 October 2005


Great news! Things start to move pretty quickly once the contract gets signed. And how wonderful to get your medication covered, that's a huge savings. I'm so excited for you!

Great progress! Awesome!


Sounds like you are really on your way! Great news!

Hey that's great news. That south african trip will be wonderful.

Wow - and um - wow! That is such incredibly wonderful news.

Whoah! Moving right along! Congratulations on getting past some of the most tedious aspects of a DE cycle. Hoping it will all be smooth sailing from here on out.

Absolutely fabulous news. You are really moving along now. This is happening!!!

Congratulations! January isn't that far away at all.

Oh Millie! I'm so excited for you. 2006 is going to be a GREAT year for you.


Congrats, great news! How nice is it to have something to plan for, right?

Hey, check out this month's issue of BUST (a cool read, if you don't know it, and NOT a porno mag) magazine, they've got a whole spread on Cape Town.

that's phenomenal news!!

ok - is this how i post a comment?

i love cape town. what a great city. i was there in january - which was a gorgeous time of year.

south african airways flies direct form atlanta. and they even handed out frozen snickers bars as treats!

I will be starting a DE cycle here in California after the first of the year. We'll probably start right after the holidays - is this close to your timing ? If so, would you like to stay in touch during the whole thing?

Wow, before I get so forward I should introduce myself. Actually, I have before. I guessed the Cracker song. And although I'm not that big on musicals, when I saw your "this one goes out to the one I love" post I thought, I've got to know her. Cracker and REM, we must be from similar stock. We are close in age (although I'm pulling away from you.. just had a birthday last week)and diagnosis.

Anyway, if you would consider it, write me an email. I'll tell you anything you want to know ....


P.S. I'm feeling all wierd now by putting all that out there, but I'm just gonna go for it.

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