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Monday, 24 October 2005


Millie, I've thought about cape town as well, just for an IVF cycle, given our wonderful experience in SA on honeymoon, but it's actually quite inexpensive in the UK so I can't justify it on a cost basis. Your decision sounds both smart financially and as if it's made you really happy, which is wonderful. Heavens, I hope it works for you!

Millie, do you know if the CT clinic would address my need for depot lupron and possibly heparin? The website says functioning uterus, which isn't technically true with me. I swear, I'm thinking of doing this, if for no other reason than an expensive vacation. What's another 12,000, right?

i'm so jealous of your trip. it sounds so wonderful and romantic. i've been thinking about africa quite a bit and even have had a few conversations with dan about adopting from ethiopia one day.

It does sound romantic and wonderful. I'm so excited for you. Oh, and when your friend who's cycling in the Ukraine starts blogging, let us know!

Take care.

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