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Monday, 31 October 2005


Awww, what a great story! Gorgeous ring, too! ;-)

Lovely story and lovely ring. Love that the day he wanted to propose you were otherwise engaged!

Beautiful ring, millie, and a great story. Particularly liked the foreshadowing. He did well to survive that first date!

I loved reading the engagement story. Beautiful ring! Is that a princess cut for the princess bride?:)

That ring is STUNNING. Wow.

That ring is beautiful. The Princess Bride quote :::swoon:::. Kudos on the Princess Bride song quote as well.

I can't stop looking at the ring...my precious...

Millie, I just knew that you and the mister would have such a fabulous, romantic tale to tell. I am still confused by the City of Salt though!

I love this story and your ring :) I remember you telling it to me when we had dinner.

What a sweet story.... and a helleuva rock... err... rocks!! Love the princess bride quote.

He didn't own a toilet bowl brush? Is that even legal?

Sounds like it was worth waiting 7 years for that very nice engagement. How romantic. Love the ring too.

I love the ring, especially the two little sapphires--I'm a September baby, too! And, OH! the Princess Bride quote!! What a touch-my favorite movie! Beautiful story!

this is just the sweetest story. love how he wanted to meet you. love the whole thing. and the ring!

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