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Wednesday, 19 October 2005


Hooray!!! Congratulations!!!

Now contact Elize and book Rutland Place for your stay. Wireless internet can keep us updated!!

Actually I'm through with you (don't mind me...I'm drunk tonight). We could have gone together and rented a kick ass villa! What fun would have had!!

OK, I'm not through with you anymore. Hooray! And Poufy and Beanie send their hoorays as well!

You sound so excited!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. FSH elevation is a new worry to add to my pile! I am learning more about it. Thanks for your support! I know there is still lots of marvellous hope!

Hooray! Donors and Plans and HOPE, oh my!

That is some good, good news right there...


Yay Millie! Can you hide me in your suitcase? PLEASE????

I really really really hope this works for you!

That's so exciting! Congratulations on being matched with your donor, and on your upcoming cycle. I hear great things about South Africa, you should have an amazing trip AND great care.

This is such great news Millie! A baby and a safari--definitely a trip of a life time! I'm really excited for you!

Yay! Congrats on the donor!!!

This is wonderful news! Congratulations.

yeah! i didn't know you had a blog over hear, but i'm glad you clued me in... the whole trip to south africa thing sounds wonderful. how long will you stay?

i say go for the 'miles about to expire' story.

Great news. I hope you can have lunch with me, Suz and Katrina when you're here. Or dinner. Or whatever.

Oh, and I'd go with frequent flier miles expiring. That way, you can tell everyone you got pregnant on vacation and perpetuate the myth.

Take care.

Excellent news! I'm so excited for you. January is right around the corner.

I third the frequent flyer story.

Yippee!!! So glad for you, my friend. :-)

Great news, Millie! Now that I know two bloggers going to SA, I sent for Renew's password, "for fun." I have to say, I am very impressed. Just don't know what to do with the information...Anyway, GL!


Hey that's great news. Hope! A donor! I'm so pleased she said yes.

What are your parents most likely to believe? I'd probably go for the frequent flier miles, we really need a holiday etc., myself - less details to lie about than the we've won a holiday thing.

This is so awesome. I am so glad for you two! Yay!

Excellent news! Congratulations!!

What wonderful news!!!! I am so happy for you.

Giddy state indeed! This is truly wonderful news!

And ditto on what Chris said .... I don't know where in our lovely state that you're heading, but it would be great to see you.

Oh Millie, I am so pleased for you both. Giddy indeed!

I am SO, so happy for you. I'd go with frequent flyer miles expiring too. Fibs about promotions, won holidays, super cheap tix on a new airline (what if you don't book on a new airline) might trigger too many questions. (i.e. "What airline? My friend has been looking for cheap tix...")

Hi, I've only been reading for a couple of weeks, so pardon me if I'm totally clueless... But why go to SA for an egg? Or were you going to be there anyway? I will read back again and see if I can find the answer, but just wondering?

Congratulations! I would go with the 'won a trip' - that's just me.

That's so exciting.
My usual IVF travel excuse is "my husband is going to a conference and i'm tagging along" but the frequent flier points idea sounds great too.

You will love Cape Town. It is beautiful, and you absolutely must rent a car to visit vineyards and go wine tasting. If you can, visit the Boschendal vineyard(www.boschendal.com) near Stellenbosch. We had the most amazing food at their restuarant.

I'm thrilled for you!!

Hurrah absolutely fabulous news. May this bring you many wonderful things. Full of hope for you as well.

WOOHOO! That's wonderful news my friend. Wonderful news indeed!

oh, i'm so so excited for you!! how am i so late to this news?!

also, i have some airline miles that i'd love to give you. let me know if you can use them at all (are these things able to be transferred?)

damn it. i read that part as how you were hoping to get there, not as cover story. dude, i'm dense. sorry!

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