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Monday, 19 September 2005


Awww...it sounds like a brilliant birthday.

I got nervous when I saw "DJ" and "wedding", but hell...you can't go wrong with early REM, the B52s, and the Violent Femmes.

Wow, millie it sounds like an amazing occasion. Can you share any photos? Even just of the food? Many congratulations, in any case, and a big shout out to your husband for having footed the bill. Did you get some cool presents? And can i have your DJ for my next party? My wedding DJ was crap!

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great celebration.

Sounds like a great time - happy birthday!

O.k., I admit it, I have the Partridge Family's Greatest hits on CD.

Yeah, really.

And I used to have a Partridge Family lunchbox and all their records...

And saw the Violent Femmes a couple of times when I was in college!

That sounds like an awesome party. Happy birthday!

Happy (belated) birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful time...


Sounds like you had a great b-day. Hope the rest of the decade is just is nice.

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