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Sunday, 14 August 2005


I don't think I'd go with a donor over 30. That's just me, though.

Good luck.

Hmm. Tough question. Has she donated before? If I knew she'd donated recently and had a good response, I might forge ahead. Otherwise I think I would hesitate.

With such other good choices that you have, I would go with one of the younger donors. The woman has great reasons for donating and I know that this is part of the appeal she holds for you, but this is a good amount of money and she is untested and over 30. I wouldn't risk it.

Some clinics routinely do FSH and E2 levels on their donors, but Cape Town is not one of them. So first of all, I would insist on having a day 3 FSH AND E2 level drawn (the FSH level is meaningless unless you have an E2 level). Alternatively, if she has donated within the last year, I'd feel better. An older donor may also need more stimulation, which could be a problem with the Cape Town doctors, who are a bit hysterical in my opinion when it comes to this issue.

I'd see if there is a younger donor that you feel good about, but, I would not nix this donor without having more data. Young donors are not a guarantee either. Good luck!

I'm of two minds on this. I don't think 34 is too old for a donor, and that you think so highly of her weigh in her favor.

On the other hand I get the feeling from reading your entry that perhaps she hasn't donated before (I could be wrong). That is a concern for me especially in light of Cape Town erring on the low side of stimming and and the possibility of her producing fewer eggs.

How willing are you to go through this all over again if she produces few eggs or if the quality of the eggs is bad?

I know you are ready NOW. Because of that I myself would probably try to find a younger donor with most of the qualities you find important.

It could be that you go with this donor and sail through the whole process without problems. I just don't want you to go through any additional heartache.

Tough one. Personally I think there are so many factors that go into choosing a donor. Of course, age is one of them, but I think if everything checks out physically with her, it may be worth a shot? But I don't know. I agree with the question posed by others - has she done this before?

Hi there have you thought about going out of the county for Egg Donation? The cost is btween $2700 to $3800 depending on the clinic. There are a lot of excellent clinics in the Ukraine and in my opinion the medical care is superior!





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