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Wednesday, 17 August 2005


i'm so very sorry. there are really NO WORDS for such insensitivity and thoughtless asswipes! i'm sorry you've been hurt and that you continue to be subjected to such crap. i wish i had more comforting words or at least a way to ZAP those idiots out of your life. {{{HUGS}}} i do believe you need to get suited up in that cape and teach them a thing or two about compassion!

You rock! I am sticking you on my blog list and eargerly awaiting your posts. I thought what you had to say was fantastic.

As you know, I'm in complete agreement with you. I decided after going there yesterday that it probably wasn't the most healthy thing for me.

I know she's excited, but please...

At 40 years old, she is old enough to have nurtured and developed a sensitivy chip, but it appears it has gone missing.

I love board avengers, I'm sure you'll wear it well. It definitely hurts more when insensitive comments come from an infertile (I suppose they have to know they're infertile?) - it's like they're too eager to leave our team.

That hurts even more than when fertiles don't get it. Oddly enough, I keep coming across people like her...

OK, I did the dirty work so that you don't have to. :-)

That completely sucks. It's always surprising when those who should know, don't know better.

Take care.

Hey Millie--I've been away on vacation and am once again trying to catch up... I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you were assaulted with this JUNK! I've experienced my own version of this stuff! So awful. Take care.

The sensitivity chip gone missing - such a painful occurrence. So sorry you had to deal with this.

Strap on that cape, Millie! You go, girlfriend.

I've always got a huge resource of hostility because of the huge infertile chip on my shoulder (and damn proud of it, so there!), so I'm always happy to gain up on an insensitive nitwit who should know better. That's because I've had just one encounter too many with people who should know better. Now, I don't brush it off, I tell them. Yet, it still hurts. Hurts like hell because after every incidence I'm always left empty. Oh sure, sure, I tell myself, now they know how I feel, but then they go home to their family and I don't.

I'm so sorry Millie. So unfair. So sorry.

Well Millie, the next time you are feeling homicidal, go for it! I'll be on your jury and you can count on me to say, "She's innocent! I can just tell from looking at her . . . " I will also threaten all the other jurors until they vote my way. No worries, sweetheart. :-)

I have no patience anymore for either the insensitives or the clueless. I'm sorry you opened that email. As for your SIL, personally, I think you should start deluging her with factual information on maternal age and the risks of Down Syndrome. What? Too evil? I think not--not nearly enough.

For some reason it always hurts more when it comes from someone who should get it... I'm so sorry about the loss of this friendship.


So sorry to hear that you were the victim of such an unspeakable lack of tact.

Sigh. It blows my mind to be confronted with people who just have no concept of what their mindless drivel inflicts on others, or worse - they just don't care.

Sorry to read this Millie. Those emails/sudden announcements are like psychic grenades - and they're lobbed by friends who supposedly understand.

And it's made just that bit worse by all those damn !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough to make a gal don a cape...

Hope you're doing ok, Millie.


hey, just wanted to check in on you!

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