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Saturday, 13 August 2005


I LOVE Seattle!! In fact, we will be heading back there again towards the end of September for our ET. Our clinic is in the Seattle vicinity. (my husband and I are Canadian, but we decided to go with the clinic there as opposed to our local one)

Anyway, as far as sight-seeing goes, there is a LOT to do there! I have been there twice, and my husband has been there three times.

There is a restaurant called "Brooklyn's" in downtown Seattle which we absolutely adore. We go there everytime we are in Seattle. The food and service there is amazing, and it has a delightful cozy atmosphere.

You can't beat Seattle for fresh clams and oysters either! So, if you like those, eat them wherever you can! (although I guess no more oysters for me next month -- since I'll be trying to get pg!!) LOL

Sushi places are also all awesome there.... there are a couple of particularly excellent ones downtown, but I'll have to look them up, as I can't recall offhand.

You must go to Pike Place Market! Awesome shopping, markets, art, and all sorts of interesting things! The waterfront area is also fun and "tourist-y".

Definitely check out the Space Needle if the weather is clear -- beautiful sights!

Mount Rainier is GORGEOUS!!! (and I live 45 minutes from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, so I know a beautiful mountain when I see one!) ;)

Seattle Asian Art Museum is spectacular. I'm an artist so I love that sort of thing. Also the regular Seattle Art Museum is also good.

The Experience Music Project is also worth checking out.

There are lots of day trips and boat trips you can take from the waterfront as well, I hear those are quite good. We haven't had a chance to go on one yet, but I hope to, perhaps when we are there next month.

Oh, and the restaurant, 13 Coins, that is worth going to as well!

I'm sure I am missing a lot of stuff! If I think of anything more, I will post again. Or, feel free to email me. :)

Have a great time there! It's definitely one of my most favourite cities in the world.

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