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Monday, 01 August 2005


Way to get the most out of those therapy dollars! And hey, making decisions is a good thing. If you need to step up the pace, then step up the pace. That is healthy and necessary for you, and I'm glad you're doing it.

I love Carolina style BBQ. That's what we eat at home, too (though I am from Georgia).

Millie, I tried reading through lots of other posts but still not sure I know where you are - you went for donor embryos, but I'm not sure why. Why does that process take longer than donor egg?

You sound like you've got a good grip on what you need to do for you. Go for it.

Well, yeah, that sounds like a good plan. Keep in mind, the clinic here is verrrry cheap. I mean, you'd have to travel and all, but they'll do a donor cycle for about $11,500, I believe. Not that that's cheap, but it could be worse. And hey, you could come visit me!

Take care. This is exciting news.

De-lurking to say that I so hear you on the wanting to get going *now* please thank you very much.

Wishing you the very best as you look into DE.


I think it is a great decision for you, my dear.

Lots of things to think about, hmm? You have been busy! Work that therapist, girlfriend.

I want a baby for you yesterday too! How ever it happens, it's got to happen soon!

Well, trying to find a donor can be time consuming too, I'm afraid. You might consider calling Dr. Jain at USC fertility. His team has figured out how to freeze eggs and they are busily building up their egg bank. They have had really good success so far. No waits, and you are guaranteed 8 eggs--no trying to find a donor, no wondering if she will flake out on you, no fears that she will overstimulate or that the eggs will be crappy. All that has already been taken care of--you get 8 eggs. You can only expect about half of them to thaw and fertilize well, so it is a program that focuses on getting you one baby. However, the program guarantees you a live baby or you get a second batch of eggs (and cycle) for free. Not a bad deal. Just a thought.

I hear you about wanting a baby yesterday. Me too! I remember saying 3 years ago that I didn't feel I could wait 9 months for a baby. Little did I know that this much time was destined to go by. Somehow, you get busy and you manage to bide your time. But if you want to step up the pace, you can. Get going, girlfriend!! :-)

Best of luck with whatever you decide. One of the reasons we moved straight to DE after IVF was not wanting to wait any more after trying for so long.

Sounds like a good plan, M. I really hope it happens for you soon.

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