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Friday, 29 July 2005


My mom used to say that all.the.time. As a teenager it drove me crazy, because, yes, I got it!! Life isn't fair. Point taken! Despite this, I can foresee the day where I say to my kids (assuming the exist), "Well, life isn't fair", whereupon I have officially become my mom and will need to be put down immediately.

Life isn't fair, but...

I guess I always felt that by waiting to get married until I met the right person, which turned out be in my mid to late thirties, I had somehow paid my dues through the angst of my single years.

And when it turned out that my own eggs were no good, I felt very reasonable and mature in not railing against the dying of the light, but accepting what I felt was the best and quickest option to having a child of my own (by using donor eggs).

I read the heartache that Wessel,Liana and Bee are struggling with and it just seems enough is enough. I know deserving doesn't have anything to do with having a baby, but when do we get our happy reward?

When is enough and enough?

Fairness. I don't know, I've only known randomness. The news is heart breaking. I guess I only manage to get through my own troubles by realizing that hey, at least I'm not a woman in XYZ country without any rights or education. That doesn't help all of the time, just some of the time.

Hope you're doing well.

Hear, hear! Couldn't agree more. All this has been very disheartening as I embark on the path to donor eggs and has given me a new set of reasons to frought.

Thanks for acknowledging my latest drama. I'm doing better emotionally, thank goodness. When you are that far down, there's nowhere else to go but up, I suppose.

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