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Tuesday, 12 July 2005


I think you did the right thing with the email. The "I" to "we" change is very important. I understand about setting boundaries and hope that the mil "gets it." I hope that the visit goes well, as you deserve some peace.

And if she really gets on your nerves, I could sic my mil on her!


delurking to say CONGRATS on the renewed hope.

sorry about the MIL problems. i've been there, it sucks but it's so much better when your hubby is 100% by your side! now, i just hope she doesn't get too crabby with her response.

So glad you feel good about the email. Sounds like you did a great job. No matter how she responds, I think it will help you to have set these boundaries and be able to refer back to them.

Thanks for sharing the good news about the donor embryos. It's exciting!

I like the idea of having things in writing (always) so am glad that you stuck with the email idea and really hope that your MIL reads it, and, if she doesn't, that you're too drunk to care!

I just want to be on the record for saying that I supported email as the mode of communication from the beginning! :-) I think it has a lot of advantages, which you named. It allows you to have a written record so that she can't distort it later (though she will try), and it gives you control over your emotional response, something you wouldn't have if this were a phone or in-person confrontation. Glad to hear you came up with something you feel good about and that is "therapist approved." :-)

Also great to hear about the embryos. Wow! Doing an FET will be so much simpler than finding a donor and going through a whole stim cycle. It will be a piece of cake, Millie. I'm jealous of you.

Sounds incredibly healthy to me, Millie, I'm really glad you've worked on that letter. So easy to say, so hard to do.

And fantastic news re donor embryos. Hope you get a match!

Eh, you don't want my advice, assvice or otherwise because I don't have the thought capacity to actually write something as healthy as you, I'd cut to the chase and piss off a whole bunch of people ;)

Good news about the donor embryos. I'm very happy you're moving forward.

Millie, whatever is cool with you is fine by me!

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