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Tuesday, 10 May 2005


Great news and no dominant follicle is always nice.

Warm donuts, rainbows and four follicles! Wonderful news! Pam

Sounds about as perfect a trip to the doctors as one could have. And the vaginal suppositories sounds almost as yummy as that donut.

Good work, Millie! I think 7mm is fine--you will thicken up before transfer day. This is getting exciting!

I would definitely go for black and Bauhaus - how retro chic!

I am so, so jealous of hot doughnuts - mmm!

Your lining is increasing and that is a good sign! Go follicles!

Great news! So glad to hear things are moving along so smoothly!! The donuts sound yummy!

Oooh, donuts. Yum. Four evenly sized follies...HOW wonderful. The cycle seems to be going so well, I'm so excited for you! Keep posting.

Ummm, donuts....huh, where was I? Oh right, good news Millie, sending lots of luck and love your way.

Congrats on your four lovely follicles. Hope Friday 13th was good and gothic.

What's today's update?!! I'm clamoring for news!!

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