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Sunday, 22 May 2005


Mimosas. Margaritas. Shots of Vodka.

Whatever you need.

I am so sorry Millie. I really am.

Oh dang it! That just makes me so mad and so SAD! I'm very sorry Millie. Pam


I just found your blog. I am so sorry. I have been in your shoes (sort of). My cycle was a little different, but the outcome was the same. I won't say any of the cliche things people say. It doesn't help. Read my blog titled

"Doctors are so Stupid"


Take care. Janice Grimes

Hoisting a mimosa in your direction. Let the binge begin.

Mimosas, Margaritas, Manhattans - go on a bender, you deserve it.
Curse the universe.

I'm very sorry -- I was so hoping this would turn out better. Please feel better soon.

What? I never heard of such a thing. I'm so sorry. That really sucks the big wad, as they say. Sigh.

I'm partial to gin and tonics myself. So refreshing. You can get drunk and hardly know it. I wish I were there to tie one on with you.

The only good thing, I guess, is that it is OVER. Oh geez, I just feel so bad for you though. It is not fair.

I am so sorry, Millie. I hope you are doing ok.

what a bummer. I'm really, really sorry. You've certainly been through an insanely crazy cycle.

On order: mimosas sitting outside on a lovely terrace with a view of the sea and warm winds blowing and flowers everywhere and the sun sparkling off the water and young Greek boys flattering you and lots and lots of love.

if your interested in champagne, i've got a few bottles. i had to give up the hard stuff, it just hurt too bad to be worth it. champagne is great because the bubbles get you drunk a little faster and even in the worst of times it makes me feel a little more optimistic. go ahead a say the F word and cry until you have a rash under your nose from the constant tissue in hand. i was where you are at now when we first met. it's an overwhelming sense of grief. try and listen to that tiny little voice that feels the relief that it's over. it will grow stronger and let you know good things are on the way. very good things my friend.

hug dh and your pooches tight. call if you need an ear, ok.

Oh Millie, my heart goes out to you. You know that I have been in the almost same position as you but with not such a snappy name. Rest up and take care of yourself.

Oh my. I've never heard of this either. I'm so sorry, my friend. Drinks are definitely in order here.

I'm sorry Millie. I've never heard of this either, that's a new one for me. Sigh.

I've got some lovely antique glasses that would hold those mimosas very chic. I'll bring some brownies too.


I am sorry..quite the over-achieving egg.

Salud on the drink and to better cycles in the future.

Sorry it took so long to say I'm sorry--my computer isn't working too well.

Take care.

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