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Tuesday, 24 May 2005


Tom Cruise and J Lo...........ack!

I hope you feel better soon.

I'm sorry about your last cycle, thank you for your support.

Didn't see the Oprah but read about the interview - repulsive!I feel a bit sorry for TC - can't get an Oscar winning movie if he pays for it, can't quite shake those gay rumours and time ticks on... but really, all that leaping about and this is what real love feels like stuff? What movie does he think he's in now? (And I'm not just saying that cause I'm Australian!) Hmmm. I bet Oprah knew...couldn't you see a little glint in her eye?

What, what? What did I miss? Dang, it's hard not having a TV! How could he possibly consider J Lo? And anyway, I thought she married someone else already. I thought she was pregnant. What's doing?

Millie, I hate to tell you, but your liver is toxic right now. I know we joked about it, but you probably shouldn't be drinking that alcohol after all. SIRM's cycles are really hard on the old liver. Get yourself some milk thistle, and start drinking lemon juice in your water, and drink lots of water. (Lemon is a natural liver cleanser, as is milk thistle.) If you have an interest, do a search on liver cleansing/liver support, and start doing it. I actually had upper right quadrant pain after my last SIRM cycle! I mean, my liver hurt! Yikes. The good news is, you can regain your health quickly and the nausea will go away.

I caught that Oprah trainwreck (work, doncha know), and our entire office was aghast. I thought this might cheer you up, though>


My RE is always like keep up the fluids to flush out your system so I second Wessel's comments. I felt pretty nauseous after for 2-3 days. I think it is just your body's way of saying "Whoa nelly - lie down!"

I am totally with the gay thing. Funny that they have both got summer movies to promote. Pukesville indeed!

I hope you are feeling much better soon, Millie.

I absolutely don't believe it. And he's just creepy.


I'm sorry you've been feeling unwell since the last cycle, nausea is miserable - have you tried some ginger tea? Anything with ginger should helps.

I hope you feel better soon.

And, I agree with you about Tom Cruise, he's probably just in love with his ego and she gratifies it.

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