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Tuesday, 03 May 2005


Junkie? No just infertile!

Munchies? I will bring the food!!

Hormones make you buy the weirdest things. And your husband sure takes his time when giving the shots... Can't you just give them yourself?

I'm surprised that crying isn't a listed side effect of these medications and that Freedom Drug doesn't sell kleenex. I haven't cried at Law n' Order, yet, but I have let the tears fly with: 1) Shallow Hal, 2) The Nike commercial with Lance Armstrong, 3) Remembering the Nike commercial with Lance Armstrong, and yes, the Amazing Race, too.

I cry every time I see Jerry Orbach now in an episode and I wail "He's dead. Such a shame".

Oh hormone sobs, I remember them well. Mine would last 20 seconds - I'd start suddenly and stop suddenly too. I did the TV sobs, the I love you sobs, the sob sobs.

Your story about your DH gave me a good laugh (which I sorely needed). It really is hard to believe that men run the world, isn't it?

So many shots - you're a pincushion princess!

Aww, just do what I do: give yourself your own shots! You should see me in the mirror giving myself my shot in my hip/butt with that overly long intramuscular needle. (laugh)

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