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Tuesday, 19 April 2005


Are you thinking about the book "Expecting Adam"? I think that it's the title, anyway. She might not be ready for it, but it is truly amazing.

I am with you on the not spreading the word around. I have just told my boss and 3 co-workers as I did not want to tell them before I started stims. I only told them because I will be needing time off and I want them to help cover my ass at work!

I have not told my Mum I am cycling just now. She knows we are doing it sometime but I just feel like being in my cave.

I am sorry to hear about your niece.

I did not tell anyone either the last time I cycle. It did relieve me of stress, that is for sure! Sometimes it is too much to go into details with everyone.

I think trying to stay in a Zen state of mind is a great idea. Avoid that MIL if you can!

Yeah honey, you stay in zen as much as you need. You be as selfish as you want, you don't need the crap your MIL dishes out.

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