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Friday, 08 April 2005


Those are some steep stims! Good luck on the decision.

Good luck Millie, it's so hard to know. I thought about going to Dr. SheRe (of the high stims ideology) but we still just felt IVF wouldn't solve our issues, but I'm a firm believer of bringing out the big guns so you can say you tried.


We'll all be out here for you whatever your decision. If it's any help, I've got 600 iu's of Follistim in my fridge.

10 is too many...I'd go for 8 and I'd go for it. The thing with 10 is, that once you hit the floor with the gas pedal, so to speak, you can't go any faster. 4 is half way there, most would consider 8 the floor. Floor it baby!


Hi Millie,

For what it's worth -- I'd go for it. If I'd had the money, I would have tried a cyle with him. He has worked miracles for some people, and your age is in your favor. And you have DH's support. You'll still have one cycle left of your allocated two, to go with the Garden State alternative!


I think you should go for it too, Millie. It's true, you really don't know until you try it out. Good luck!!

You guys rock! I knew I'd get some good advice and not just what I wanted to hear--but always nice when they're one and the same. We're gonna do it.

Seriously, thanks for all the comments. It means a tremendous amount to me.

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