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Monday, 21 March 2005


Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm so glad that I discovered you as well ;-)

BIL sounds horrible; it's so boring to talk to people like that. I always feel like I'm being used. Did you say the SECOND set of twins? Poor twins.

I SO LOVE this entry! Yes, yes, YES! Why do stupid parents have to name their children weird names? And like you, I don't mind a name that comes from a different culture (I have a name such as that, as does my son, but, hello! They are REAL names that do exist--just not heard very often over in these parts of the world).

Ok, my pet peeve is actually common names spelled stupidly. Like, well, let's list them out:

Instead of: We have:

Kay Cai
Jamie JayMeeh
Michaela Mackaylah
Jacqueline Jackluin
Christine Khristeen
Stephanie Stefany
Mindy Mendee
Thomas Tomis
Brittany Britnee

Is it any wonder the new generation cannot spell?

GRRRRRR! It is a first grade teacher's nightmare.

Oh, and I love the made-up names



I once worked on a postpartum ward in a state hospital and most of our patients were drug addicts and the like. We passed out STD pamphlets, as well as contraceptive pamphlets, to the new mothers, and then would go talk to them later to review the materials. One morning, the hospital clerk who processes birth certs came out to the nurses' station and said, "Oh my gosh, this patient wants to name her new baby 'Chlamydia.'"

Well, you have to admit--it IS a pretty sounding word.

Does the girl name start with "T"? Hmmmm can't quite guess...

OK: lame namer, clueless and insensitive brother, gives new wife the ex-mistress jewelery--Wow BIL really does suck! So sorry.

Glad DH has you in his corner! Pam

Oh, I second Wessel...what bothers me much more than unusual names is common names spelled unusually. It's so narcissistic and it irks me when I meet someone who always has to point out that so and so's name is actually spelled 'xyz' like that's how everyone should do it if the world were a perfect place and it isn't at all that they are narcissistic assholes, no not at all.

I have simple names picked out, that are easy to spell because I remember the days of taunting. Plus, my actual name is one that has a variety of spellings to it and it irritates me to always have to correct people because I'm so not into that, so I want my kids to have a SIMPLE, EASY name. Sheesh...sorry for the rant, this is a HUGE pet peeve for me.

Suz-Yep, you heard right. Second set of twins (one with each wife). The first were the old-fashioned way. This set is the new, improved modern way. (He'd been snipped in between so that should have been a clue to wife #2).

Wessel and Emily--I'm right there with you with hating spelling common names unusually. I didn't want to come off as being as judgemental about names as I truly am. I agree that it's a total narcissistic thing to do. I actually met an Erickque once. Can you believe that? Kids have it hard enough. Don't make it even harder for them. The names I like are aslo simple to say and spell. Well, one has two spellings but they're both considered normal.

Pam~~Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. It does indeed start with the letter 'T'. Bil is so much worse than even I can believe. Mmmm, I see future posts.


Are you kidding me? Erickque? OMG, they couldn't have found a more convulated way of spelling that simple name if they tried. WTF? Is that going to be his stage name, because it sure as hell sounds like it. The best 'worst' spelling of a name that I saw recently was 'Brys'. I stared at it, looked at it and finally said outloud, "Bris? Isn't that a jewish ritual for circumcision?" Mortified (not me, them) I was informed that no, it's "BRYCE". "Oh" my was response, "That's not really spelled correctly, but o.k., you're probably used to correcting people a lot." And walked away. LOL. Serves them right. I wasn't embarrassed, they are spelling that name incorrectly because those letters together do no form the word 'bryce' no matter how much you want it so. I've had to learn to live with a lot of things in my life that aren't going to be so no matter how much I want them to be, so they can learn with the reality that they are stupid and misspelling their child's name, o.k.? Hee hee.

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