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Tuesday, 29 March 2005


Oh, I am such a book junkie too! I get dizzy when I walk into a bookstore and inhale their scent!
The books that you have ordered all sound very interesting!

We're going to get book reports, right? I love books too, but have found very few good ones on infertility. I'll be really interested to see how these turn out, but they do sound good!

Me too, Millie! When I was growing up, there were years where we did not have a TV, and the library was my main source of entertainment. The librarians were always amazed to see a tiny girl lug 7 to 10 books out the door, only to return one week later for a refill! Bibliotherapy--what would I do without it, I don't know.

Have you read Alice Domar's Conquering Infertility? A very good read, particularly her chapter on third party parenting. Some people might like Rewinding Your Biological Clock, written by an RE who interweaves fictional chapters about a hypothetical couple facing egg donation with medical chapters explaining the process. It wasn't bad.

I still love the library, but I also love to OWN the books too. I think I just need my own library. I have enough books to start a small one.

When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, I all alone beweep my BFN state, and trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries, and look upon myself and curse my fate...I go to the bookstore.

I love books, and they are the only -- yes, the ONLY -- enduring and calorie-free consolation to all of life's ills. Only when I am truly, deeply grieving am I incapable of reading. I open a book and fall into its pages, at times when I cannot stand being in my own skin one minute more. And even when I am not so depressed as that, going into a bookstore or library soothes me like a lullaby and a rocking chair.

My husband knows this and sometimes tells me kindly, "Go get some book therapy," and lets me go while away a Sunday afternoon at the bookstore. I can feel my blood pressure dropping just thinking about it. Millie, we are kindred souls!

BTW, I read the Lorbach book you mentioned and it really helped me get my head around my DE decision a few months ago. Will be interested to see waht you think!

I have a terrible book habit. Between amazon and having a great Waterstone's near my office, I dread to think how much I spend a month. I love to read though, and always have. My mother started counting how many books I was reading when I turned 7, and gave up three months later when she got to 100.

Just found your blog, and found it fascinating. I don't have (very) high FSH, but actually I don't know the number because the blasted doctor won't tell me. He just said it's 'normal'. Hmm not helpful. Good luck on your continuing journey, I'll be back.

Hi. I am sorry you were led to believe that Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation is not yet available. You can buy it through Amazon or through Perspectives Press.com. I hope you like it!!

Ellen Glazer

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