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Wednesday, 09 March 2005


Oh, Millie, I'm sorry. I know the feeling of the bottomless hole and while 8K sparklies might fill it for a while, it would just be momentary. When faced with the same issue (thanks Blue Nile!), I went over to Nordstroms and bought a $40.00 pair. Although I usually like the real thing, these were just as sparklie and made me feel a little better for a little while ;-).

Yeah Millie, I understand...very well. I'm a couple a months ahead of you in the 40 game and my husband wants to know what I'd like and of course the answer is simple -- pregnant with a healthy baby and there's no place I can go to guarantee that. Good to know that we understand the more important things in life, i.e., how money can't buy happiness, blah, blah, blah. O.k., I'm done learning that lesson, can I have my baby now?

Thinking of you sweets.


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