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I am about to turn 44 and have been trying to get pregnant for almost 7 years. I got diagnosed with high FSH aka diminished ovarian reserve not long after beginning ttc. I did get pregnant back in January 2004 but as bad luck would have it, it was ectopic. That cost me a tube and 5 months of trying.

I also got pregnant from a Donor FET in March 2006 only to experience my second ectopic. Oh, and l lost the other tube.

I'm trying to find a life outside of infertility. It's hard but I think it's out there.

I was looking for a green glass love but found an emerald. (I'm a little addicted to Broadway musicals, btw). That's where the name of this blog and my log in come from: Thoroughly Modern Millie.

My life is much less madcap but a girl can hope, right?


infertility, really), reading, baking, dogs (well my dogs), and many things purple