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Monday, 25 July 2005


The moon thing is pretty cool. :o)

Hope you get the embryos you want...and SOON!

Oh, you touched on a lot of good stuff. It was worth the wait.

I am also a little saddened by the Scharffenberger news. How strange. I wonder if it has something to do with one of the partners being sick? Sad. I mean, I love Hershey's now and then (okay, more now) but I like the high-end stuff too.

Glad your visit when well. The Ns sound terrible. Just how many kids do they have?

Good luck with the cooking class. I'm hoping for lots of details.

Are you doing the donor embryo thing close to home or somewhere else? ;) Stop by if you end up around here.

Take care.

Oh Mills, I tried to understand the fairytale entry but I just couldn't. I feel validated now that you've said it's okay not to understand it. :-)

So glad, SO GLAD, to hear that the mil took your letter to heart. Oh, please Gd, it should have a lasting effect on her. Funny about the Ns--they sound like such horrid beings. Ugh!

Wishing you lots of luck with your embryo lottery. May the right embryos appear very soon for you!

Millie - yay you for making the family situation better and for the new job, which sounds great. Let's hope everything else is lining up for you too.

So glad your MIL behaved herself! That is awesome!

Your remodeling sounds fabulous!

I am glad you faced up to the evil empire and had a good time anyway, Millie. Missed you!

I am so in obsessive love with Gmaps that I am making myself travel-sick swooping all over the globe! I even pinpointed my friend's house in NJ! So stalker chic!

Glad you got started on the DE trail and go redheads!!!

Millie, So glad for the long awaited update and that you put MIL in her place.

Now, who do we bribe to get your name to the top of the list - just tell me, I'll make him/her/them an offer she/he/they can't refuse. Seriously, just tell me where and I'll put a horse's head in their bed...

Thinking about you often, and wishing you were down the street so we could have coffee.

so glad your MIL behaved herself. and so sad about the chocolate news!

sounds like you had a good time, despite the Ns and their antics!

Oh, thank God, the "evil empire," is Hershey, and not Nestle! I was a little worried...because even though they are an evil empire in their own right, if it wasn't for Nestle, we'd never have the money for IF tx.

I'm going to have to go back and read your archives, since I've only recently discovered your blog (Wessel and IF Gourmet). I think I may have much in common with you. Good luck!

I thought the evil empire was the yankees organization - no?

Glad the date with the devil(s) went well - the N's sound like a fascinating couple!

Oh, the N's are too, too much.

Glad you're back.

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